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If you have a loved one in the Bridgeport jail, then you are likely looking to get them released and back home as quickly as possible. We understand. People are arrested and accused of crimes in many different situations. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, which is why we work hard to simplify the process so you can focus on the well-being of your friend.

Bail Options for Defendants:

There are a few options for defendants who wish to be released from jail. Once a person has been arrested and booked into a correctional facility, a judge or magistrate will set the bail amount which must be  paid in order for them to be released. Courts use bail as a way to ensure the defendant returns for all court dates and appearances. The options are as follows:

Surety Bond

Surety bonds are the most common bail form. Also called bail bonds, they are completed by working with a licensed bail bondsman. The bail agent charges a non-refundable fee (usually 10-15% of the full bail amount). In return, the bail agent will post bond for the full bond amount and the defendant will be released. If the defendant fails to return for all court dates, the co-signer of the bond may be held responsible for the full bail amount.

Cash Bond

If a defendant or a family member has enough cash in savings to pay the full bail amount, this can be paid and the defendant will be released. If the defendant appears for all court dates, the bail money will be returned (often minus fees and court costs) to the person posted bail. Most people are not able to post a cash bond, however, because bail amounts can be high and it can be difficult to come up with a large amount of cash so quickly.


Most of our clients aren't experienced in the world of criminal justice. This is likely the first time you've ever dealt with the criminal justice system. It can be hard to know who to trust. We work hard to make sure you feel confident as you go through the bail bonds process. But, we also want to make sure you don't feel alone in your criminal case. This is why we offer referrals to lawyers who will advocate for the defendant in the courtroom and fight for their freedom.


Free Warrant Check & Consultation

We know that you're going through a difficult, trying time. We want to make the bail bonds process easy for you. This is why we offer free warrant checks and free bail bond consultations. If you're concerned there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, contact us and we'll check - for free. And, if you need bail bonds for the quick release of a loved one (or yourself), we offer a free bail bonds consultation so you know more about the process and can make a fully informed decision.


Release from Jail

Once a defendant has bailed out of jail, the release process can take some time. Think of it as the booking process in reverse. This time can be trying for the defendant and their family members, because the release process can be very time consuming. The following things must take place before the defendant can go home:

  • Jail computer system updated
  • Defendant brought from cell
  • Personal belongings returned
  • Paperwork explaining charges and first court appearance given to defendant

The bail agents at Around the Clock Bail have experience with this process, and may be able to give you a rough estimation of when you can expect your loved one will return home. If you need help or information regarding a loved one in jail in Connecticut, contact one of our experienced bail bondsman regarding bail bonds in Bridgeport, Bristol, or the surrounding areas. Our friendly, helpful agents have years of experience on their side, and will walk you through the process or answer any questions you have.



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