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You just got the call: A friend or a loved one has been arrested, and now they are in jail. You need Bristol bail bonds in order to get them released. What should you do? You've likely never dealt with the criminal justice system before - you're confused about all the options, and just want your family member back home as quickly as possible. The internet is full of legal jargon and you can’t seem to find the answers to your questions. Contact us to get the help you need. We offer a variety of services to help you make the right decisions in these crucial hours, including:

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We understand this is a difficult time of you and your family. After an arrest, you need answers - and you need them now. This is why we are available for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know people don’t need help just during normal business hours. We offer a free Connecticut bail bonds consultation so that you can learn more about the Bridgeport bail bonds process. You can ask us all your questions and come away with a good understanding of the next steps you need to take. Whether or not you need Bristol bail bonds or Bridgeport bail bonds, we are here to make sure your loved one gets out of jail as quickly as possible. And, our service doesn’t end after you’ve signed the bond. We can recommend excellent criminal defense attorneys who will fight to get your loved one’s case dismissed. We understand the important steps begin after a defendant is released, sow we work hard to make sure you are informed about the criminal justice system and the crucial next steps you need to take for you loved one’s defense.

Bridgeport Bail Bonds:

Why Call Us?

If you're researching bail bonds Bridgeport, then you are likely overwhelmed by all the options. Why should you choose our agency? First and foremost, we are here to help you in this difficult time. We understand you likely haven't dealt with the criminal justice system before. We will be your guide as you take this first step towards your loved one's defense in the criminal justice system. It is crucial that you act fast so the defendant can be home as quickly as possible. The hours after an arrest are crucial for their defense - protect their future by contacting us immediately after they have been booked.

Fully Licensed

Our agency is fully licensed in the state of Connecticut for bail bonds Bridgeport and bail bonds Bristol. You can rest assured, knowing that you and your loved one are in good hands. Our agents have years of experience in the bail bond industry. We have forged relationships with people in the criminal justice system, and will utilize this knowledge to help you get your friend out of jail and back home and at work quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

Our bail agents work hard to provide excellent customer service. We will walk you through the entire Connecticut bail bonds process, ensuring you understand the details completely. We have years of experience we will put to work for you. If you have questions, concerns, or problems, we will address each one to ensure you are fully satisfied in you knowledge about the workings of the criminal justice system and bail bonds industry.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our bail bondsman are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and provide bail bonds. We know that you need help when you need help - not just during regular business hours. Contact us for emergency service! We are available to help you and answer your questions during all hours, because we know you need answers and you need them fast. Our goal is to provide excellent, around the clock service.

How Bail Works

The hours after a person's arrest are confusing. There are many different aspects to consider during this time. The most important step you need to take is to get your friend released from jail immediately. Sitting in jail is extremely demoralizing. Your friend needs to be out of jail and focused on planning their defense in order to protect their future. The best way to secure a quick release from jail is through Connecticut bail bonds. The Bridgeport bail bonds system can be confusing if you've never dealt with it before. Today, we're going to provide an overview of how the Connecticut bail industry and criminal justice system work so you can help your friend/family member to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact one of our experienced Bristol bail bonds agents to learn more about how to help your friend.

Step One: Arrest & Booking

Once a person has been arrested, they will be booked into the nearest jail. There are many different steps involved in booking and processing. These include recording information about the defendant, including their name, address, general appearance, and birth-date. Also listed are the alleged crime the defendant committed. A background check is also completed to check for any criminal history. Next, the person is fingerprinted and a mug shot is taken. All personal property is seized, and the defendant is checked to see if they need to be taken to detox (if they are on drugs or intoxicated). At this point, the defendant is usually allowed to make a phone call before being placed in a jail cell.

Step Two: Contact a Bail Agent

Once you have learned that a loved one has been arrested, you need to take action to get them released as soon as possible. The hours after an arrest are crucial for a person's defense. Contact one of our bondsman regarding Bridgeport bail bonds, and to ask any questions you may have about the Connecticut bail bond process. When you call, be sure to have personal information about the defendant available (such as name, birth date, alleged crime, and jail where they are being held) so we will know best how to help you. During this consultation, ask us any questions you have about the next steps of the process. Our goal is to make sure you have a complete understanding of bail bonds and your loved one's strategy for release.

Step Three: Sign the Bail Bond

Once you have made the decision to use Bridgeport bail bonds to secure your loved one's release from jail, one of our experienced bail bondsmen will write a Connecticut bail bond and discuss the details of the arrangement. Our agency charges a non-refundable fee for our services. This is usually 10-15% of the full bail amount. Also, we occasionally require collateral to be provided in addition to the non-refundable fee. As the co-signer (indemnitor) on the bond, there are responsibilities you should be aware of. If the defendant skips bail, you may be held respoinsibe for the full bail amount. Because of this, you should only post bond for someone you trust will return for all court dates and appearances until their case is completed.

Step Four: Release from Jail

Once you have co-signed Bridgeport bail bonds, the bondsman will immediately go the the jail (or make an appointment) where your loved one is being held, and will post bond so they can be released. The defendant is now free, but must return to court for all court dates and appearances as required. This is crucial - if they fail to return to court, they will have "skipped bail," and will face additional charges. Also, the co-signer may be held responsible for the full bail amount. It is crucial that the defendant show up for court when required. Once their case is completed (no mater what the outcome), the judge will release the bond and the co-signer will no longer be held responsible.

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